About the Peninsular Florida LCC Conservation Planning Atlas

PFLCC MapThe Peninsular Florida LCC Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) is a data discovery, visualization, and analytical platform for stakeholders throughout the Peninsular Florida area. The CPA was created in an effort to fulfill the mission of the PFLCC: to create a shared blueprint for landscape conservation priorities and actions that sustain natural and cultural resources.
The CPA provides a platform for LCCs to create galleries to showcase a cohesive collection of spatial information and supporting documentation. With the PFLCC CPA you can search for spatial datasets, visualize supported projects, and learn more about landscape scale conservation science and design in the region. Additionally, you can even upload your own data to your account to be used in conjunction with these datasets. Data uploaded to this CPA will be regularly updated and refined, and new datasets will be continually added.
Data uploaded to the CPA is divided among six galleries: 
Critical Lands and Waters Identification Project
Alternative Futures and Scenarios
Base Maps and Data
Priority Resources and Conservation Targets
Supporting Models and Data
Landscape Changes and Threats

These datasets can be viewed and analyzed using the Advanced Mapper tool on the CPA homepage. To view a summarization of these data using watershed boundaries (or HUC12s), use the Simple Map Viewer tool. To make getting started easier, several of the most useful datasets have been marked as featured on the CPA homepage. Finally, several sample maps utilizing these data have already been created and are included in the Alternative Future and Scenarios gallery.

The CPA also allows its users to create groups of members from several organizations who may have the same conservation goals. Within a group, you can perform analyses, upload data, and share information for other group members to use. One group has already been created and their page can be found here.
For more information about the PFLCC, please visit peninsularfloridalcc.org.

To get started with the PFLCC CPA, please go back to the CPA homepage.

For comments and feedback please email peninsularfloridalcc@gmail.com.